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Pickling Plants & Pickling Tanks for Pipes, Tubes, Wires & Galvanising.



Pickling Plants

Pickling Plants

Fume Extraction Plants

Fume Extraction Plants

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Technical Details

Technical Details


Pickling Tank for Pickling Plants

Arvind "ANTICOR" Pickling Tanks are made from Chemical Resistant Thermoplastic and are welded with butt fusion and hot gas extrusion technology (Imported from Europe) and they are welded as per recommendation and standard DVS 2207 laid down by German Welding Society.

ANTICOR Polypropylene tanks are designed on “RIAT” Tank Building Software module.

Achivements in Manufacturing Thermoplastic Equipments:

ANTICOR has introduced innovative engineering design and development in manufacturing of Thermoplastic Equipments.

Introduction of radius at corner using full sheet of Thermoplastic for pickling Tank. Weldless radius provide sound mchanical strength.

Solid all plastic Tank incorporating massive load support structure for mechanical strength for Galvanizing of heavy weight structure.

Thermoplastic Tank with integral fume collection ducting for exhaust.

Thermoplastic Tank with lntegral Heating System.

Thermoplastic Tanks are welded with state-of-the-art extrusion and Butt Fusion process.

ANTICOR Pickling System Advantages:

  • Hot pickling

  • Short pickling time

  • Less pickling tanks

  • Increased productivity

  • Low production cost

  • Low rejection

  • Clean working area

  • High employees' acceptance

  • Better pickling quality

  • Easy draining of sludge

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Maintenance free & cost saving

  • Reliable welding seam

  • Average Tank life upto 15 years

  • Integral Fume ducting

Pickling Tank


  • Planning and construction of tank system with fume exhaust system.

  • Robust design of tank made out of Industrial Thermoplastic.

  • Environment friendly Fume Extraction System, avoiding corrosion of surrounding steel construction, cranes and roof structure.

  • Plastic Tanks available in flat pack modules (reduced volume)

  • Heating and circulation system available. (optional)

  • Tank made from Industrial Thermoplastic and welded with state-of-the-art hot gas extrusion welding process and stress relieved.

  • Modules assembled and welded at site for easy transportation.

  • 100% leak proof welding.

  • Fume free work place.

  • Corrosion free atmosphere.

  • Tanks are available up to 24 meter length.

  • Polypropylene Tanks are suitable for mixture of hydrofluoric acid nitric acid.

  • Tanks are suitable HCL acid also.

  • Plastic Tanks meet stringent environment conditions and work to the cycle principle.


  • Robust construction with safety features

  • Welded with the state-of-the-art Hot Gas Extrusion Welding Process from Germany

  • 100% Leak Proof

  • Tank esigned on CAD-CAM-AUTODESK

  • Tanks have radius bending at the bottom corners of tank

  • Weldless design at the bottom corners of tank

  • Corrosion free

  • Environment friendly fume removal System

  • Inspected and tested with High Voltage tester

  • Post Annealed after welding

  • Environment friendly design. (SHE)

  • Corrosion free thermoplastic

  • Built-in slope at bottom

  • Available with connection like drain / overflow

  • Repairable

  • Top Cover / Lid

  • Accessories like Drain, Overflow, Inlet/Outlet connection

  • Heating and Cooling coils

  • Built-in Exhaust Duct Lips

  • Exhaust and scrubber System

  • Slope for easy draining

  • Insulation System

  • Level Measurement System

  • Overflow partition (Weir)

  • Castor Wheel for mobility

  • Lifting arrangement

  • Air Agitation System

  • Liquid Circulation System

  • Filtration System

  • Temperature Measuring System

  • Legs / Mounting

  • Pressurised Construction

  • Conical Bottom

  • Dished ends

  • Border

  • With External reinforcement

  • Stirring facility

  • Plastic pipings

  • Compartment / Partitions

Quality Testing:

  1. Welding Quality is confirmed by 3 point Bend test, specimen seam is tensile and impact resistance property.

  2. Leakage testing is carried out prior to despatch by hydro,vacuum and spark test.

  3. Test carried out as per DVS 2207 guidelines of German Welding Society.


For the Pickling of Pipes&Tubes, Wires&Rods, Bars&Profiles, Sheet,Strip&Coils, Transmission Tower Structure, RCC TMT Rebars, Electric Poles, Electrical Hardware, Grating/Cable Trays/Wire Ropes, etc.

  • Pickling tank for galvanizing plant
  • Passivation Tank
  • Degreasing Tank
  • Electroplating Tanks
  • Circulation Tank
  • Treatment Tank
  • Rinse Tank
  • Mixing Tank
  • Etching Tank
  • Metering Tank
  • Process Vessel
  • Effluent Tank
  • Stirrer Vessel
  • Cooling Tank
  • Pre & Post Treatment Tank
  • Storage Tank
  • Pickling Tank
  • Fibreglass Tank
  • Waste Water Tank
  • Washing Tank
  • Pickling Tank for S. S. Wire & Rod
  • Pickling Tank for S.S. Pipe
  • Pickling Tank for S. S. Strip
  • Chromate Tank
  • Filter Tank
  • Developing Tank
  • Anodising Tank
  • Overflow Tank
  • Heating Tank
  • Agitation Tank
  • Spiral Tank
  • Chemical Process Tank
  • Auxiliary Process Tank
  • 7 Tank Treatment Plant
  • Acid Storage Tank
  • Primary Tank
  • Secondary Tank
  • DM Water Tank
  • Reaction Tank / Vessel
  • PCB Plating Tank

Metal Finishing Plants:

  • Pickling line for Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Tube&Pipe Pickling Plant (Stainless Steel&Non-ferrous)
  • Wire Plating Line (Batch/Continuous)
  • Strip/Coil Pickling Line
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks
  • Pre&Post Treatment Tanks
  • Storage&Holding Tanks
  • Degreasing Lines
  • Passivation Lines
Arvind Anticor Pickling Plants

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